Lidl Supermarket


Delivery of a detailed planning consent for a 1.5 acre site on the edge of the Town Centre providing a 10,000 sq ft (sales) foodstore with circa 100 car parking spaces . This was delivered working closely with the Town Council and  Allerdale Council to deliver one of Wigton’s first discount foodstore which has proved very popular.

Copy Write to Rose and Trev Clough
Lidl Superstore


  • Redevelopment of a bus garage premises
  • Completed the assembly of multiple land interests
  • Dealt with land that was unregistered
  • Extinguished a right of way
  • Dealt with flooding issues particularly as the site lay in a designated flood plain
  • Extensive community involvement
  • Liaised with both National and Local Politicians
  • The site was sold to Lidl and is now trading