Delivery of a planning consent for a circa 10 acre site in the town centre providing a 25,000 sq ft (Net Sales) Tesco food store and 40,000 sqft open A1 retailing. This was delivered working closely with the Town Council and the County Council to deliver one of Powys’s major re-developments and generating enough capital to re-locate the existing livestock market to a new purpose built facility.

Food Projects: Welshpool (left)
Food Projects: Welshpool (right)


  • Re-location of the existing livestock market
  • Land Assembly which involved multiple land interests
  • Major traffic issues which required detailed traffic modelling and design undertaken within an already congested town centre setting,and involved the Welsh Assembly Government Office
  • Formed a partnership with the Town, County and Regional Government to meet the aspirations of key stakeholder groups and overcome significant hurdles
  • Completed a flood risk assessment and defence strategy
  • Worked with landowners to secure and design appropriate relocation facilities
  • Town Centre redevelopment generated value to provide new purpose built Livestock Market
  • New facilities will be constructed by our in-house construction company JR Pickstock Ltd
  • Following the sale of the main site to Tesco there are a further 4 acres which are going to be delivered over the next 24 months